June 1 1951      a new high in entertianment !       3170 tillicum at burnside Rd VA97C5
Till Movie Night
1 Tilli matches 2 POST 2copy copy
Hat 2022
Marqui - cutout 2021++ MASTER
Marqui - cutout 2021++ MASTER
AA1 Tillicum Chevy Shirt PROOF-1 copy_edited-1
3D Tillicum sign_BLUE

Ken waters special edition tillicum Blue 57 chevy t shirt honors a 1951 Tilly boy  -{ ken and frank waters }- 

this 1951 blue matchbook took 50 hours to find on the net an was used to make all black tillicum t shirts - Aug 12 2015 

Get the whole t shirt story as a xerox printable 11x17 pdf  use contact button  to request it

All of the classic black tillicum t shirts were made using this original matchbook art so now were paying it back by issuing this new classic matcbook t shirt in white.  all shirts come in all sizes  

matchbook            t shirts come         in all sizes  $30.00

   Comming xmas 2022 - Tillicum drive in     matchbooks with matches!   $2.00 

           The Mc Donalds lady manager LORI from downtown victoria has told people                  in her building about her Buying a new tillcum drive in  hat,and about this tillicum                 merchandies site she and you  should also know about the exciting return of         this memorable drive in as a popup drive in if you would like to show support for this                      idea  use the contact button below an send us your thoughts about this.                                                  to order use the same contact button below  

PEOPLE   WHO   NEED  HELP  WITH:                  FOOD,  RENT,  OR  MEDCIAL,  OR  MONEY                          CALL:   ACPD    250- 383-4105

SHIRTS . HATS . MUGS . MAKE  THE  PERFECT                                     MEMORABLE  NOSTALGIC  GIFT

Tillicum - Red Shirt video

                Tillicum popup drive in                                   comment video


  Call  this man Owner Gary                                      Fri - sat - sun 250  382-5543                                    check out  the Red shirt                                          SEE US at: 107- 3 fantan alley                                  in china-town   victoria a bc


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Mug  &  Hat . curved or flat brim style  $30.00 

no Solicitations for: for optimization or ssl    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Memories of june 1 1951 -      he night the tillicum  drive in first opened Re-live the 50s fun from those early days make it a drive in night to remember this              summer 2022                      

The ACPD helps anyone with problems with lanlords that tell them they have to pay higher rent to where tenants have no money left for food or to cover medical expenses. they also help:  seniors, the homeless  single parents without a spouse 

                                                                                                                                            Get the tillicm drive in magazine for the whole t shirt creation story use -[ Contact ]- button we will send you a tillicum mag as a { pdf } send to everyone from your inbox or print it as a 11x17 colour copy for sharing  

GAMERS:   if are you interested in doing a outdoor gaming event on a inflatable screen  22 x 18 that sits six feet off the ground an goes      up 18 feet  with screen resolution of 1920 x 1080  contact  jeffrey                                        at 250-384-9187   The Games begin at 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm   bring  a lawn chair, drinks and food  any smart phone with FM radio app. or have it  setup by smart phone tech guy  headphones,  for the transmitted sounds of the game, washooms available                  

Special edition t shirts celebrating    the original: tillicum tilli  boys

every t shirt comes in all sizes call                         250 382-5543 turntable records                                  to order any shirt shown

FRANK  &  KEN  WATERS  - Deluxe - Tillicum t shirts     

    Northwestern Creamery             milk truck t shirt  - All sizes       order call Turntable Records     Call: fri, sat, sun. ask for gary            250 - 382-5543   he,ll be in

        see all 30 Classic black tillicum              Hot Rod shirts - scroll down Below

Frank Waters special edtion tillicum  49 mercury t shirt  honors a 1951      Tilly boy 


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